Dr. Cleaner Pro: System Clean App Reviews

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I found this listed under antivirus

In reading - after I paid for it, it mentions nothing about removing viruses??

Dr. Cleaner Saved My Mac

I had been using another cleaner designed by a Ukrainian company. The software kept installing malware on my Mac. Dr. Cleaner not keeps my Mac clean and working, it does no harm. This is more important. Dr. Cleaner solves my problems with junk files, memory usage, and other problems without causing any other problems. I’m happy with Dr. Cleaner and woulc recommend it to anyone else who needs a similar product. Tnanks, Dr. Cleaner.

Constantly asks for ratings

It's a fine app, but the nagging pop-up boxes asking for a rating are just too much to bear. I would recommend CCleaner or AppCleaner over this app just because they roughly contain the same features without the annoying dialogue boxes asking if I like/dislike the app, saying yes/no, then having another dialogue box pop up to either take me to the app store or open the chat support window. I've paid for the app! Get rid of the danged boxes hounding me for feedback! 1-star until they fix that.

Excellent Utility, documentation request

I started out with the free version of Dr. Cleaner, and after about six months upgraded to Pro. the extra features are good enough that i went and added the real-time virus scan subscription. I have been using Macs for over thirty years, but the time has come to run anti-virus on all Macs. But here is a problem. every time Apple does a major OS upgrade, I cannot get Dr. C to open. Tried everything. Finally got someone on the phone and what it takes is to delete the program from my MacBook Pro,delete the associated files, and then start over. I sign into the App Store and under the Purchased tab, I redownload the program and re-install. Voila! It works. But WHY do i have to do this routine over and over!!! One last comment, I have many photos duplicated in my Photos collection. Dr. C identifies duplicates, but I am unsure about deleting the pre-selected items. Is there documentation that will let me know just what is being deleted from where, and what originals remain? I tried a different program to remove duplicates, but it used thumbnails and I could see many photos identifed as duplicate were not duplicates. so I am wary. I have over 13,000 photos, i need a good duplicate remover program.

Constantly In Use

I have a lot of apps and memory is tight on my Mac book (even with 16 GB) so I am constantly using Dr.Cleaner Pro to make sure my memory is optimized. I also need to be careful of having too many large files so this application is the best for checking for file sizes and duplicates. I don’t know what I would do without it. I use it all the time and would now be lost without it.

Great tool!!

I have been using this for couple of months now. Never had an issue. Must have tool!!

Dr Cleaner Pro

I really like the way this app works. It’s very unobtrusive in the backgrond and it is very easy run the optimizers and getting rid of junk files. The memory optimizer works very well. Overall,. veru pleased.

does what i need it to do

does a good job. When i feel my computer is getting bogged down, I just hit the optimizer and isntantly you can see the change in speed

unable to update on iMac.Pro

unable to update on iMac.Pro because it wont quit when I click continue to close Dr Cleaner and update. Tried 10 X. So syick with outdated software

Great Utility

This is a great program for my aging MacBook Pro. I was amazed at all junk it was able to rid me of. Nice job.


It is good except the price is a little bit expensive.

I Like It.

Works very well.

Well Worth It

I have been using Dr Cleaner (free) for a couple years. Loved it, it kept my 2012 MacBook Pro running faster and rids my Mac of garbage files. When I recently updated my OS and installed an SSD, I decided to get the paid version of the software. The additional features are very well worth the small cost of the app. With pro, you additionally get ads-free, file shredder, app manager and duplicate file finder/deleter. While the free version is good, the paid one is just fantastic! I commend Trend Micro for an excellent product.

Great app

Dr. Cleaner Pro has done what it said it would do, and done it most efficiently. I find that removing junk, duplicate files, and useless caches speeds up the Mac. I have trust in this app.

Failed to run

Installed——>Run scan——><scanning>——/80%*freezes/ force closes. Uninstalled

Work well.

My poor old Mac really needs to retire. I can not upgrade the memory. This ap is helping me use it just a bit longer. It is really handy.

Easy to use, works great!

As an owner of 3 Macs….I find this product a great and convenient too to manage them.

Easy to use and efficient

This app does what it says it does. Simple to use it and helps keep my computer running smooth. I highly recommend it.

You Need This

Dr. Cleaner Pro does exactly what it says it will do. Clean Mac, happy me!

Small Investment to Keep My iMac Running its Full Potential

My iMac desktop costed quite a bit and for a small tiny investment Dr. Cleaner Pro keeps my computer running it’s maximum potential. I know exactly when to run Dr. Cleaner Pro my computer starts slowing down. That’s when I say, it’s time to clean all the junk out of my iMac. Wahla my computer is back to it’s normal self. I can’t say enough about this app. You’ll be a fool not to use it.

Pretty darn efficient!!

Many times Apple will say theres no need for cleaning tools on mac computers. However, things like eventual beach balling are the indicators for trouble. And then your Mac slows down. With this safe and effective utility I have been able to cleanup many items clogging the system causing mild performance issues. I was very surprised after 4 years how junk actually accumulates on your computer. Running the utilities carefully, I gained space and speed. So far so good. I give Dr. Cleaner Pro the thumbs up. The cost for the Pro version is reasonable. Try the free version, see what it does and go from there!!

No smart scan

Every time I try to use smart scan, the program quits. It doesnt do it on my wife’s MacBook but does on mine….. whats wrong????

How do I get my money back?

I’ve posted a reiview but now its gone, I want this off my computer and i’d like my money back. I’ve gotten no response from them.

Veery reliable tool

My fav part of Dr Cleaner Pro is how is clears the ram everytime I close an application. This is my second fav app of all time!

Works Great

The other reviews say it all. It does what it says and it’s easy to use.

Excellent !

Thank you all for a clean sleek app that really works well and quite easily even for a techno illiterate like me. Just an all around great performing app at a great price .

Worth the money

I’m a college student, this is a great app

Works quite well

Not much else to say — it is a very helpul app to clean up RAM. The duplicate files function is a little cumbersome, but it’s OK.

While it did not solve for my issue, it really helped to speed things up

But my issue boiled down to a hardware problem. Maybe. Purchasing this program was a last-ditch-effort the first day I experienced severely high kernal_task CPU usage. After the first full scan and sweep, it took it from the 1600% to 600% CPU usage. Thought maybe it had fixed it, but no. It just sped up a lot of things from before (Didn’t think they were big issues, but it’s a Mac so it still ran “well" prior to kernal_task problem). Anyway, 2 days later, after dozens of attempted ‘fixes' - It was either that my Mac needed to be thoroughly blown out or I had to remove a launchaid. Not sure which worked because I did them without a test in between tasks, but one of them worked. So. I now use this program everyday. It frees up a lot of memory from Slack, xMind, Firefox (previously Chrome, but I disposed of it during the last week! #neverlookback); It just helps to keep things at top-speed, which is nice. It’s like I have a brand new mbp. Excuse poor grammar and all that jazz. Waiting for coworker to join meeting, so I’m distracted and unable to edit. Good luck with the program!

Easy and Reliable

This app is easy to use and when you set it to do scan automatically you know it’s doing what you got it for!

Failed on install

Read a few of the reviews—and who among us hasn’t lamented at not being able to really get rid of apps that sounded good at the time. So I spend $19.99 to get the app. Failed on install. When I go to open the app, the error message reads: “Dr. Cleaner Pro” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Dr. Cleaner Pro” and download it again from the App Store.” Seriously? So before I go through this brain damage I decide to contact the developer. Get the link to their website in the app store for support—and there is no way to contact support, only FAQs and how to videos. Very disappointed. I want my money back. UPDATE: I delete and try to re-install, and all I see in the app store icon is “Open” which is not available to me. BROKEN! Don’t buy this app! Developer, contact me directly to reimburse me for my purchase since you are not reachable through your own tools. Thank you.

Cautiously Approve!

I started out using Dr Cleaner over a year ago on a newly purchased refurbished Late 2011 15” MacBook Pro. I was impressed with the MacBook's speed as this replaced my older 17” Mac PowerBook. However I would experience CPU spikes on a regular basis. I installed the free version of Dr Cleaner and liked what it was doing so I purchased the Pro version. Now that I have finally learned how to use some of the bells and whistles of this program I have a much smoother running Mac. CPU spikes are a lot less frequent and more easily manageable. Very impressed with the way the program sweeps away the junk that accumulates as I work with my music files. It took me over a year to accomodate myself to the program but I am very happy I stuck with it. I did have one small issue after installing the latest upgrade and I notified Support. They responded quickly with smart suggestions as to what went wrong and what I could do, which really impressed me. I couldn’t live without running Dr Cleaner Pro on my computer. I highly recommend this app.

Actually pretty useful product - not snakeoil at all like most of the others

I’m a pretty high level systems engineer, I work on every computer type imaginable and I just want my personal system to run without having to tinker wtih it. I usually don’t like these “cleaner” programs because they’re mostly snakeoil and do the same thing that the underlying operating system does on it’s own, and in fact add more overhead than they take away. That said Dr cleaner is actually doing a pretty great job of reclaimation and keeping an eye on errant tasks in memory and keeping the system more responsive. So I rarely would write a review but I felt that this actually deserved one, it’s well priced, does it’s job, and I haven’t had a single issue with it and it’s given my older laptop another year of life at least. Definitey would recommend if you’re on a system with low specs (like the macbook 2018 ultrathin models), or an aging macbook air.

clean clean nonsense

very good program, helps most when your computer is doing heavy processing, optimizes well

This app is incredible

Dr. Cleaner Pro replaced four or five apps that I really liked. . .but the good doctor is so much better than what I had. I have recommended it to all of my Mac friends and once you buy it, you will too.

Great way to keep things clean and efficient

I have a fixed hard drive on my mac and decided to upgrade to get use of all the optimizer functions. I like the fact that I can clean up memory and junk files, but the pro version allows me to go through my computer and get rid of the unbelievable amount of duplicate files and large sized files that I very often forget I had on my desktop or download folder. It was worth the small investment, and my trust in the company goes further in that I got their anti-virus software as well. Thank you Trend Micro.

dont waste your money


Dr. Cleaner

It’s a good app to have. Pay for it… u’ll like it better.

Excellent product

Excellent product. Easy to use. Recommend.

So Appreciative

Dr. Cleaner excels at what it is designed to do. I trust that it’s removing unwanted files efficiently!

This Is “A Super Great App"

Since I installed these apps all of them has been performing as well as the other apps ( I won’t mention ), it’s kept all of my Apple Systems Safe & Secured, as Advertised!!!...

Extremely Efficient and Fun To Work With

I end up with huge files on a daily basis, and Dr. Cleaner Pro always comes through This app makes my life not only easier, but more enjoyable. :)

Behaves like ir should

For good ones like this, pay the $$. It is only right

DR. Cleaner Pro

I love this App. I use it daily, as I had an overload of junk files, duplicate files and E-Mails…My desktop Mac from 2009 runs sooooo much better, now that it’s cleaned up! I would HIGHLY recommend this App.

Mostly very very good

I reviewed this app earlier and had some complaints, none of which was serious and some were the prodiuct of inadequate attention. The app is very good and very easy to use. Like all other optimizers I have found, iot does not clean the trash fully. This is because of some poermissions problems that only the Empty Trash under Finder can overcome. I recommend it!

Still getting the hang of it

First off, Im new to Mac so I will only speak of what I know. This app seems well organized and easy enough to understand, but also enough to be dangerous. I have accidently deleted files I shouldnt have which luckily I used Time Capsule to reverse, but thats a user error NOT the fault of the app. If you are new to Mac, just make sure you dont dive in without making sure you know what each step means. Im still not sure what good making an alias is for before deleting something, but I think it prevents you from doing exactly what I did. With that said, make sure you have your Time Capsule up to date. Dr. Cleaner does have an icon for direct conect to a live tech support person as well, but if you already feel dumb asking dumb questions, google it first! A plus that I like having is you can have a live update in the menu bar that shows how much memory is being used by either percentage, or the actual amount being consumed. My multi-tasking skills can be quite abusive on this machine so being able to see “on the fly” if I need to hit that “optimize” button to cool it off is nice to have. Lastly, heres about 90% of what you can do on the main page of the app (the other 10% is, or can be done from the menu bar): Smart Scan - Pretty cut and dry. It scans and give you the results of: Junk Files - Shows what the apps recommends you can shed such as app caches and something I like “Uninstalled Application Leftovers”. Big Files - Pay attention here Newbies, or you’ll goof it like Ive done before. This portion of the app searches for BIG files, so it doesnt care if its your manifesto, or moms cookbook. If you over look something here it will delete it. Not a flaw on the app, its on you… or me in past cases. Disk Map - Dont even ask, Im just putting it down so you know its coming. I skip over it for the time being until I have the time to look up how to utilize this. Duplicate Files - This WILL find ALL the duplicates in the places you tell it to look. There is a “Whitelist” in preferences that you can set in order to have the app stay away from certain folders and even files themselves, but I have found, that as of today (15.JUN.2018) the Dr. Cleaner Pro app does NOT ignore the whitelist selections you make in the preferences tab. Other than that, it’s great because this module will find ALL of your duplicates. App Manager - This is a nice opportunity to delete some of those other apps that havent been up to par for you. The App manager even searches if any of them need to be updated! Newbies beware in these waters as you can mess things up uber bad here. Again, not the app, its you. File Shredder - This is a unique feature compared to all of the “Best Of..” Cleaner apps in the App Store right now. (Trust me, I sadly admit that Ive gone through most of them) This gives you an opportunity to securly (or at least feel secure in) delete those Hanson CD’s you pirated. More Tools - THIS will be the module that will without a doubt keep a star lost if its still there next time I write one. This is ANOTHER opportunity for Dr. Cleaner to try and sell you on the other apps they have out there. If you are like me and end up paying for the Pro version of this app, then they really REALLY need to get rid of this, because this is one thing you constantly see spammed in not only this app, but their other apps as well. Thats it! My final thougts are that you will find some people reviewing this app and their other ones with some pretty nasty accusations, but then come to find out they were the ones who made the mistake and blammed a lack of understanding on the app itself. But that is why I am telling you the most important part of this review. I am not a Mac guru yet, so I can only speak about what I know. This app “could” cause you some problems, BUT that will only happen because YOU did something wrong without truely understanding the process first. With that said, I leave Dr. Cleaner Pro three stars for now app based on my experience with Mac & Mac applications, understanding of this app itself, and the use I DO gain from these combined is my reasoning. NOT because of flaws on Dr. Cleaner Pro. They only need to fix the whitelist issue, and get rid of that advertising module for the paid version at least. Hopefully this helps


Performed a “SCAN” and it locked at 80%. It’s worthless.


Definitely makes a difference

very good

Excellent app the memory usage part is especially nice it handles optimizing very well on my mac. Junk files cleaner, cpu usage and network usage are good at a glance apps to keep up to date on any changes in the system. The memory optimizer is what I’m most impressed with.


Keeps my mac in tip top condition

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