Dr. Cleaner Pro: Free up Memory and Disk Space App Reviews

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“Family Sharing"

Though I have been a Mac user for many years, I did not know about “family sharing.” The developer sent me a link on how to implement the capability, and I activated “family sharing.” Thus my change from 1 star to 5 star. My review below was 3 stars because of no “family sharing” capability inspite of the description. Even though I have sent two requests for clarification to the developer and posted my concern in my original review, I have not heard from the developer. Thus my new rating of 1 star. This is a nice app that appears to do what it advertises. However, it advertises that it permits “Family Sharing”. Yet, there is no instruction that I can find that tells you how to do this. I’m assuming (maybe wrongfully) it means others in your family can access and use the app. I sent two requests for clarification to the developer, but received no response. I would not have spent the $15 to upgrade if I had known that it was a single license. Thus the three star rating.

Very good for managing storage

This a great app for keeping junk files from piling up on your computer and filling your storage device. The one thing I would advise is this isnt really a securtiy app. It cant find malware or adware.

Adding life to my 7 year old Macbook Pro

It was fast for its day, but after numerous IOS updates, scores of aps added and mu usual habit of keeping 10 - 20 files open simeultaneuously, My machine was chugging along like me doing an Ironman at 60 with no practice. Dr. Cleaner brought my machine back from a near death experience! If I get 2 more years out of this machine I will be thrilled.

Excellent Housekeeping for My MacBook Pro & iPhone 7 Plus

I’m using Dr. Cleaner Pro on my iPhone 7 Plus and MacBook Pro and it keeps my system humming along nicely. I find that I always have purgeable data that uses up my storage space.

extended the life of my mac air

Rarely write reviews but this app is well worth the money. Extended the life of my 2011 Mac Air- thought I was gonna have to buy a new one- I anticpate getting a few more years after running this to make this smooth and fast again.

Pretty cool

Pretty handy especially for smaller Mac like an air.

Works well for the entire system

This app does a great job of catching, controlling, and eliminating the things that bog down performance and consumes memory. Excellent purchase.


I am an idiot when it comes to computers, technology, etc. but this app is amazing and idiot-proof! Freed up A TON of storage on my Mac when I couldn’t figure out wth was using up all of my memory!


Honestly great App, It does what it says it does and keeps my mac Clean and working perfectly.

good app

keep it in my top bar and does exactly what it is advertised to do.

good in general, not as good finding duplicate jpg files

does a good job of freeing up memory and some disk space. does not do as well finding duplicates of jpg files in different files

Must add-on

this app is amazing and by far is the best on the market. I code and use VMs a lot, this app is just working with me and is clearing my memory and my junk files as I go. Keep the good job guys. I love it. MacBook Pro 2017

All Good Now

Last update (18/7) fix it, Thank you. Excellent app excellent support In Dr.Cleaner Pro/More Tools/Open Any Files: (Open Any Files is a featured app by Apple), actually the app is not from Apple it is developed by someone name: Has Wu!! What is going on Trend Micro?

Dr CleanPro

Just love this cleaner app. Makes things so much easier to keep computer working well

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2013) macOS Sierra

I upgraded to the Pro Version, and let me tell you..it was WELL worth the money. At first I was hesitant to buy a $15 Pro Version of an app, As I am a trustworthy person of free versions of MacApps. But after reading the reviews I broke the ice and upgraded. This app has created so much extra storage that I did not have before. I used to have to delete/uninstall apps that I previously downloaded to make room for bigger/newer apps. But now with this app I have all of the extra storage that I need. It deletes any and all excess Junk, Big, and Duplicate Files. Not to mention It shreds files, you can manage your apps..and the Company that made the app has 3 other awesome apps as well. I also recommend the Trend Micro Antivirus app they created as well. Since running this TrendMicro App Duo my MacBook has ran much smoother and faster than before. Hope this Review Has Helped!! --Milkman--

Great Product

I highly recommend this product, it helps a lot. I’ll buy it again.

I use it and I think it helps

I use this tool to keep up on trash and useless files, as well as id duplicates I have 3 TB on board and a 3TB

Very good app.

I really like this app for its simplicity and no issues with use. Simple is good but a fully loaded app that would do more would be great. Well worth it.


Easy to use and speeds things up. Much better than others I have tried over the years

Dr. Pro Cleaner Works Like a Charm on Macbook Pro! Worth the Money!

This app has been a lifesaver for me, removing so much unwanted junk and cache, files, pics, etc. from my Macbook Pro computer. I really like that I can clean my computer manually while still running in the background. The new update adds even more features and enhancements. I liked it so much, I told my brother about it and he bought it on the spot (we were working on a project on our computers). He immediatly experienced the benefits of purchasing it as his harddrive was almost full. On the first run Dr. Cleaner Pro cleared out 150GB of space on the first run!. Now, he can move around more quickly with no lag time. Next he will tackle the duplicte files and pics and clean them out. Bottomline, it’s an essential app to have on your computer, and I have no reservations recommeding Dr. Cleaner Pro to others. Worth the money!



Convenient App!

I use Onyx every 3 months to clean my system, but day to day, this app helps monitor and clear memory, delete junk files that accumulate over several days. I’m plesantly surprised and would recommend the investment especially for power users. Thanks Doc!

Best deal out there

Dr Cleaner is phenomenal. I’ve been using it for a few months now and have only positive things to say about it. It’s very intuitive and very effective. The disk map tool in the new update is wonderful, and while it could use a few tweaks as far as categorization goes, it gives a very comprehensive overview of where your storage is going.

better than i’d hoped

most contact cleaners are abysmal. this one shows great promise. not only did it ferret out all the dupes, but it sorted them. problem is, when you have an address book that’s in really bad shape — eg. 5 entries for each contact — even this app hangs. I’m going to persevere, however, and hope. they’re certainly on the right track.

Excellent Computer Cleaner

Easy to use. Easy to understand what it is doing. Fast and efficient,

Does the job

Keeps my mac in tip top condition

Does a Great Job in the background

Once it’s up and running, and you’ve gone through all the different optimization processes, just leaving it running in the background. It automatically cleans up related files after uninstallations for more space savings - great if you have a limited space SSD - and when you quit applications, memory is automatically “cleaned up” making the most of what RAM you have installed available for other use. If all it did was keep your memory available, it would be worth it for the extra speed and effeciency it brings. But it also keeps your system clean with the total uninstalls it completes after the app’s uninstaller is done. LOVE IT!

20 plus years on Internet, Dr. Cleaner Pro is the Best

I am very pleased with how Easy it is to use Dr. Cleaner Pro. I have been on computers since 1987, and learned via “school of Hard Knocks”. When the Internet got started i used our Libraries Computer System, and Soon after was Tutoring “How to use the Internet”. I have used many software designed for “clean up” this one is The Best I have ever used.

It does PERFECTLY what it does!

Just get it, you need it, that’s it. Period.

Excellent, simple, easy to use.

This app keeps me running fast. If I slow down, I click the drop down and optimize. It’s very cool, and gives you immediate feedback and performance. That’s hard to say about any other program. A+++


Awesome and saves my a lot of time to clean up my mac.

Exactly what I needed.

I’m an illustrator so that means I’ve got every adobe program open all at the same time all of the time, and that my computer’s harddrive is bogged down by files with names like “draft1”, “draft2”, “draft5”, “YESdraft”, etc. My imac was running slow and it was heartbreaking to think I would need gto start minimizing my workload because mu computer couldn’t keep up, but luckily I ended up coming across Dr. Cleaner Pro and I’ve never looked back!


I love Dr. Cleaner, my MAC was running slow and as soon as I clean my MAC with Dr. Cleaner it automatically starts to run better. I know I have a lot of junk files and it’s nice to get rid of them in such an easy way. I’ll use Dr. Cleaner for as long as I use any MAC or PC :)


I use my MacBook Pro for everything…photo and movie storing/saving/editing, all personal and business transactions/document writing. Not to mention gaming. To say my computer was running slow was an understatement. Bought the Dr. Cleaner Pro…and it’s AMAZING! Cleaned up so much wasted space, duplicated files, junk files, and all at the touch of a finger. The interface is user friendly and I can’t believe how incredibly fast my MBP is again. Don’t waste another second wondering if this app is worth it….buy in confidence and enjoy how your computer should work!!!

Worth Every Penny

Great app would recommend to any one i know as it saves lot os space and memory cleaning in a click Great App

Well… It worked pretty good !!

I was on the verge of tossing my MAC out the window until I installed and ran this app. The pinwheel’s of death have been reduced greatly and the app did a great job of locating and cleaning duplicate files of all types. Very happy with purchase.

Simple and effective

Works easy and quickly. Does what it says

Very Happy

Simple and does tha job. Revmoved gigabytes of duplicate photos.


I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, and can’t say whether it’s definitely a great improvement on other cleaner apps. But the interface is good, very straightforward. It makes paying attention to memory issues and doing a little maintenance before there’s a performance problem easy.

iT B Kool

m@k comptUtR rUN Fass lyke cHeetUh!

Simply the best

Have used this product for three years. Just installed it on new iMac. Clean interface, reliable service. Worth it for the Pro version. All APPs should be this good!


Purchased this app for $14.99 from the App Store. After one use, my entire Office for Mac will not launch. No response from their customer support.

Great tool to use

Makes it easy to keep your computer clean

Macbook Pro Like New

Awesome program!!! Extremely user friendly. Running it made an incredible and instantly noticeable difference in the speed and performance of my Macbook Pro. It runs like new again. I would highly recommend this app to all Macbook pro users.

Great product

Dr. Cleaner Pro is a great way to keep the load off your computer. My computer is faster since I got this product. I want to thank the developers and the their team for producing a fantastic and I believe essential software product.

Very effective

Clear RAM. Delete temp files. Find duplicates and giant files taking up space. Works well.

Great System Utility

I have been using Dr. Cleaner for a few months now and I love it. You can clean up memory and junk files without having to logout/login and it is updated fairly regularly.

Dr. Cleaner Pro

Good app. Improves RAM efficiency and system optimization. It is not complicated to operate. Would highly recommend. As a genealogist, my desktop looks like my office. Researching through multiple websites, downloading old books, using multiple genealogy programs devours RAM. I can optimize at the snap of a finger.

Immensley Helpful

Helps me when using programs with memory leaks. Makes them easy to spot and deal with.

Great cleaner, not so great on the battery.

For a quick run and go application it’s great. However, leave it running all the time and you will see a substantial drain. Lost about 8% from a full charge in 2 hours with the MBP closed. Never had this issue till this install. I will continue to use the app but will not leave it running anymore.

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