Dr. Cleaner Pro: System Clean App Reviews

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I’m very satisfied

I’m glad i was able to find Dr Cleaner Pro, its definitely helped keep my RAM in check and clean unused software.


Awesome and saves my a lot of time to clean up my mac. It’s very user friendly!!

Make the Purchase!!

Like everyone before has said about Dr. Cleaner Pro, I too believe in this app’s preformace. I know that we have all made those clicks before to spend money on an app after we read it’s blurb and reviews. Only to be super disappointed well, THAT IS NOT THIS APP! The only regret you will every have is the one you have because you didn’t purchase it. This app does exactly what it says it is going to do. I know some of us get hesitant when it comes to computer software that will make our computers faster by; clean up old files, delecting unused programs , apps never play, files that are duplicates and more, much more. I never write reveiws and I have taken the time to day to write one for this app. If I am willing to take the time to review anything it must have done its job and more than I expected.

So far no complaints

I got this to help keep my junk files cleaned out , works well , works fast with no hassles.


Excellent product, and does what it claims. It helped me get my 5yro mac mini back as if it was new again. It really helps tweak and tune and keep your system running optimally.

It seems to work

I don’t know enough about this to know for sure whether or not there are other measures that would work better, though. But it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Really smart application

Before I have used variety of cleaning software and they either fall into 2 categories: scan very shallowly on the user’s personal files and trash and cache files OR scan deeply but does not know if it safe to delete them or not (so I have to google it and decide if I should delete those files). This application knows what file not and should not be deleted and do a very greate job to clean up the RAM. I am very impressed. Good job. Then I upgraded to the PRO, it very worth the money compared to other app (like Disk Drill). No regret so far. The only question I have so far is that whether I have life-time support for this app?

Seriously Great!

Got straight to the problem and showed me where the biggest files were, I transfered them to another harddrive and my computer works good again! YAY!

Works as advertized

It does what it says it will do.


So far it’s been an amazing tool. My mac was running so slow that I couldn’t even use it. I decided to give this a try before running down to the Apple store for service. I’ve been able to get by without the service appointment so that speaks volume for me! I would just like to know how to get the app Dr. Ceaner off, since I upgraded to the pro…which I would highly recomend doing. Looking forward to discovering some of the additional benefits when I have some down time. Thank you for creating such a user friendly program.

Very Nice App - Great Utilities Built In

My wife has a tendency to open LOTS of windowson her MacMini. She wonders after awhile why her system is slowing down. This app gives her an indication of system resources by simply looking at the status bar, so she can then do some needed “cleanup” and close downs. It’s nice to have the different utilities in this app as well, like searching for duplicate files, and app removal. I have used other similar apps, but find this one to be the easiest to use and still effective in helping manage basic resources.

Good application

This application has been instrumental in helping me maintain my Mac system as a new user. As I learn I am obviously making mistakes but Dr. Cleaner Pro helps me keep the computer in its operating status.


Wonderful to keep my MAC clean and up to date!

Well, it was great...

After the last update somehow it got corrupted. I had to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Except I am going to be charged again to re-download it… Otherwise this is an amazing tool that has been a great help on my computer.

Not worth it

Does the same thing as the free version except it deletes your multiple files automatically instead of showing you the ones to delete and you having to do it yourself. Waste. I WANT A REFUND.


I used to use another app called cleanmymac it is also a good app but I prefer this one. Main reason for that RAM memory optimization module works far better. It also cleans memeory automatically if it has got very low space in RAM. The only con for this app is for uninstalling apps you need to manually delete some files because of the OS constraints but it is not a big deal. Totally recommend this app very usefull and very easy to use. 5 Star.

Great App!

I use Dr. Cleaner to free up RAM when closing applications and to completely uninstall apps that leave bits behind after normal deletion. It’s great!

You won’t be disappointed

This is by far the #1 cleaner. You won’t be disappointed. Easy to use. Sits in th background.

Speed Demon

I started with the trial verison of this product, and it immedietly sped up my computer and took a lot of stress off of the memory - Wanting more of a deep clean, I purchased the Pro version and it was able to clean up my duplicate photos and large files, and save me multiple gigabytes of valuable space. Thanks Dr. Cleaner Pro.

A powerful and safe cleaner of memory and processing

I like the way you can set it to instantly clean up memory of any app you close.

Dr Cleaner Pro

Definitely worth the outlay. An excellent app

Easy to use worth the money

This app works as advertised and is easy to use. Worth the money

Must Have

I highly recommend this app for anyone with a Mac. Its very user friendly and keep my Mac running like new 24/7.

Packed with features, very intensive cleaner, yet user friendly.

Single click options to optimize CPU useage. Gets rid of junk files with just a few clicks, really makes my Macbook Pro run noticabely smoother. Definately would buy again/recommend.

Dr. Cleaner Pro

Great app, keeps my mac running clean and fast.

Great Product!

I have tried Mackeeper and several other products. I really like this software it is easy to use and does the job of cleaning your computer. Thank you for the great work!

My review

I have limited RAM in my MAC so the optimization of memory function gets used frequently. File optimization is also used. Seems to be a well designed App.


I like how the program automatically reclaims memory once you exit out of a heavy usage program.


This keeps my Mac running fast and keeps all the garbage from clutterting up the system.

Worth the money

I too was hesitant at first to make the purchase. Howver, I decided it was at a low enough price that I could deal with wasting the money in the worse case scenario. Man, I am glad I took the chance. The App manager feature alone is worth it. If you aren’t sure what that is, it removes apps completely off your mac instead of you having to go in and manually do it. Then wonder if you even deleted half of what is needed. The system optimizer is obviously great as well. Highly recommend.

Great Program

I have. been very happy with Dr. Cleaner Pro. It works well and does the job. Recommended.

WARNING! - erases iTunes files

When cleaning Junk Files, DO NOT select con.Apple.iTunes. It wiped out all my music and book files. There are many reports of the same problem on Dr. Clean’s Support Site. None of the solutions worked. If iTunes had not been obliterated, I would have given it 4 stars. Will be interesting to see if this review passes their “if a review is deemed inappropriate, it will not be posted in the App Store”. Sounds like faking the reviews to me.

Nice app.

-Ease of use. -Beautiful UI. Thanks for made this app.

Best Utility

This is the best memory cleaner I’ve used. It frees up more memory than the others.


I have been using Macs since the LC and Photoshop 1.0!! This app is an incredible optimizer, file shredder and helps you to delete files associated with programs that you would NOT find on your own. You WILL have to do some manual deletes, but that means clicking the “Remove” button. I highly recommend this app if you want your HD to run well and if you want to get rid of junk you no longer needs. It is a WONDERFUL TOOL!



Just As Advertised!!

Two thumbs up!!

Good Application

I have been using this app and the results are very good. My mac seems to be running much faster now and I have experianced no negative affects as a result of purchasing and installing this app.

So helpful!

I use my macbook pro for graphic design work, and this program helps keep my diskspace feed up and my computer running efficiently!

Perfect App

Just bought a new MacBook Pro today and first thing I did was go to the app store to find a junk file remover and anti virus app. Dr. Cleaner Pro has already helped when i transferred my dats from my old Mac to this one. I did not take care of junk or old files on my old Mac so there was alot of useless files transferred. It cleaned up everything down to to last file that I did not need. It also recommended an Antivirus, which I still needed. I liked this app[ so I trusted their anti virus, which is beyond perfect as well. Highly recommend this app for the price and also look into their antivirus as well if you need one.

easy to use

I downloaded this app. due to its popularity and am glad i did. iit gives me the opportunity to free up memory and cleans out junk files quickly and easily. the feedback as to what is happening as it does its job is a great help too because i am a novice.

really works

nice product does what it says n offers more so i purchased them, so far good purchase worth the money

Simple for me to use...

…and it does a great job of clearing stuff out.

A Must Have

This program is a gem. It replaces a coiuple of programs I was using to optimize my memory manually, and it does do automatically. Works beautifully.


I like having a dedicated personal employee, which is how I regard this app. I trust it and never have to worry or wonder.

“Family Sharing"

Though I have been a Mac user for many years, I did not know about “family sharing.” The developer sent me a link on how to implement the capability, and I activated “family sharing.” Thus my change from 1 star to 5 star. My review below was 3 stars because of no “family sharing” capability inspite of the description. Even though I have sent two requests for clarification to the developer and posted my concern in my original review, I have not heard from the developer. Thus my new rating of 1 star. This is a nice app that appears to do what it advertises. However, it advertises that it permits “Family Sharing”. Yet, there is no instruction that I can find that tells you how to do this. I’m assuming (maybe wrongfully) it means others in your family can access and use the app. I sent two requests for clarification to the developer, but received no response. I would not have spent the $15 to upgrade if I had known that it was a single license. Thus the three star rating.

Very good for managing storage

This a great app for keeping junk files from piling up on your computer and filling your storage device. The one thing I would advise is this isnt really a securtiy app. It cant find malware or adware.

Adding life to my 7 year old Macbook Pro

It was fast for its day, but after numerous IOS updates, scores of aps added and mu usual habit of keeping 10 - 20 files open simeultaneuously, My machine was chugging along like me doing an Ironman at 60 with no practice. Dr. Cleaner brought my machine back from a near death experience! If I get 2 more years out of this machine I will be thrilled.

Excellent Housekeeping for My MacBook Pro & iPhone 7 Plus

I’m using Dr. Cleaner Pro on my iPhone 7 Plus and MacBook Pro and it keeps my system humming along nicely. I find that I always have purgeable data that uses up my storage space.

extended the life of my mac air

Rarely write reviews but this app is well worth the money. Extended the life of my 2011 Mac Air- thought I was gonna have to buy a new one- I anticpate getting a few more years after running this to make this smooth and fast again.

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